Restored by Mark Francois, 1975 BMW R90S

Restored by Mark Francois

1975 BMW R90S

After the release of the game changing CB750 multi-cylinder superbike from Honda, an onslaught of superbikes came thick and fast from British, Italian and other Japanese manufacturers. BMW’s entry into the foray came with the 1973 ‘/6’ range of a pair of 900cc in touring and more sporty guise. The R90S, with twin front disc brakes, racing seat, megaphone exhausts, bikini fairing and sexy smoke finish paint job looked like no other BMW. And the hand-crafted paint finish meant that no two were identical.

To back up the staggering cosmetics, was a 67bhp boxer twin, which could propel the machine to 125mph and with BMW’s build quality and reliability, could hold it there all day.

The motorbike offered

The 1975 BMW R90S on offer here was the subject of a meticulous, ground-up, nut and bolt restoration in the hands of Mark Francois. Mark’s restorations are described as just about perfect by marque aficionados, restorers, concours judges, and the most discerning of collectors, who pay the very top dollar to own a piece of 100 point rolling art.

Owned for several years, but a discerning California collector, the bike is now on the market for the next custodian.

Recent sales results for BMW R90S’ sold on, restored by Marc Francois:

Sold on 2/10/24 for $63,000

Sold on 7/9/22 for $36,700

Sold on 3/9/22 for $63,000