1966 Greeves 250cc Challenger

1967 Greeves 250cc Challenger

Breaking from Villiers as a supplier of engines, Greeves started building their own for their series of off-road competition machines in the 1960s. The first all-Greeves model was the Challenger scrambler, introduced in 1964. Built in 246cc and eventually 362cc capacities, the Challenger engine incorporated an Alpha crankshaft assembly within Greeves’ own crankcases, which were complemented by a new, generously finned alloy top end. Mated to an Albion gearbox, this new power unit was carried in typically-Greeves cycle parts consisting of a cast alloy beam frame and leading-link forks, the latter of the ‘banana’ type from 1965 with Cerianis optional. After two seasons testing, the production Challenger debuted for the 1967 season mounted in a lengthened frame (for improved stability) while also featuring new conical alloy hubs.

The motorbike offered

The 1966 Greeves Challenger on offer here comes to us from a former collector, dealer, and all ‘round enthusiast. The bike features the one-year-only “kidney” transmission and the previously used damper front forks before they were changed for the leading-link design for ’67. It is also the last of the shorter wheelbase chassis.

The bike is offered in good overall condition in need of recommissioning or the basis of a full restoration.