1973 Triumph TR6, Only 33,000 miles from new!

1973 Triumph TR6

1973 Triumph TR6. Triumph’s TR series had enjoyed all the successes of the quintessential British sportscar, but to satisfy the power-thirsty American market, they stretched the engine to a straight six. Introduced in 1968, the 2.5 liter ‘6’ powered TR5 was only a one-year model (October 1967 to November 1968) and paved the way for the TR6. Restyled for 1969 by Karmann of Osnabruck, the TR6 sported a more modern full-width nose and squared-off tail. Under the skin the chassis remained basically the same as the independent rear suspension TR4A predecessor, while the 2.5-litre Lucas fuel-injected power unit was unchanged, producing 150bhp initially then 124bhp from 1973 onwards. Handling was improved with wider wheels and a front anti-roll bar. Good for 120mph with acceleration to match, the six-cylinder TRs are easy to own with readily available spares and are arguably the most exciting Triumphs ever made, continuing to enjoy an enthusiastic following world-wide.

The car offered here is an example of the Holy Grail of the classic car hobby: a one owner from new (almost), unmolested and unrestored car in excellent cosmetic and mechanical condition. Purchased a year ago from a deceased estate, the car was readied for sale with a simple service, replacement of the rear section of the exhaust pipe and the addition of two-ear spinners to dress it up a bit. To clean up the papertrail, the local Southern California collector transferred it into his name from the estate documentation.

The car is in fantastic condition. Truly amazing. Several collectors, dealers and experts have looked at the car closely, and there is no evidence of a repaint anywhere on the car. Forensic levels of inspection show a consistency in paint depth and color on all the panels, but also in the nooks behind wiring looms and ancillary parts. Not overly detailed through the 47 years, the paint still has great depth of shine with no burn-through. The paint is not perfect. Perfect would lead one to believe the car was repainted. But the minimal and very light blemishes could be easily buffed out. And there is one small ding, touched up (pictured). Panel fit is excellent as can be seen in the photos. The car was stored for many years under the right circumstances of climate control and cover, so the odometer reading of a little over 33,000 miles is believed to be accurate and original.

The interior is excellent throughout with just the right level of wear for the age and mileage. The dash, all panels and carpet show a perfect level or patina for an original, low-mileage car. All the glass is original and excellent, as demonstrated by the CHP inspection sticker on the windshield, which expired in 1974. The soft top was replaced a few years ago as the rear window deteriorated and became foggy.

Mechanically, the car is as the cosmetics suggest. The car, freshly serviced, starts easily, idles smoothly and pulls with good strong, 6-cylinder power. The car shifts readily through all gears, and the brakes pull the car up in a perfectly straight line. The suspension feels taut with no squeaks or clunks. All electrical systems work as they should, including glovebox light and original AM/FM radio. The original finish on the wire wheels is excellent and they are shod with good tires.

The car is accompanied by the original soft top boot, full tonneau cover, original jack and handbook, as well as the original blue California license plates.

According to the family of the deceased original owner, he cherished this 1973 Triumph TR6, babying it and using it only on special occasions in perfect weather before returning it to storage. As such, this is an amazing opportunity to acquire the ultimate collectible of Triumph’s TR6 – impeccable original condition, unrivalled mileage and ownership history. Inspections are welcomed and positively encouraged. It’s hard to fault.

1973 Triumph TR6, Only 33,000 miles from new!

  • Only 33,000 miles from new
  • One owner from new until one year ago
  • Absolutely original – worthy of any inspection
  • Original paint and interior
  • Stunning condition

Chassis no. CF5379U