NO RESERVE, c.1945 Harley-Davidson Sidecar

c.1945 Harley-Davidson Sidecar

The sidecar has always captured the imagination since one was first attached to a motorcycle over 100 years ago. Invented as cheaper transport as well as a tax dodge, so a family could travel cheaper and at a road tax rate of a motorcycle than that of a car. They were developed from wicker seats on lightweight frames to comfortable metal tubs with sprung seating and leaf spring suspension on the chassis.

The sidecar offered

The sidecar offered here is purported to have been used with a Harley-Davidson Knucklehead. Just about complete with fender, tombstone light, frame, and suspension, as well as seat, the rig is in exceptionally good condition with only surface rust or fine patina, depending on how you look at it. Everything that accompanies the sale is photographed here.