2017 Zero Engineering Type 9

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From inception in Okazaki City, Japan in 1992, Zero has been creating old-school customs with a modern air, around a vintage Harley base. The “Zero Style” is the creation of famed bike builder Shinya Kimura, and it includes the use of low-positioned gooseneck frames to emphasizing the engine. This choice is subtly artistic, representing the change from the older, vintage styling to the more modern. It also represents the marriage of Japanese sensibilities and lifestyle through the delicate use of different materials, copper and brass, for instance, with an American-born Harley Davidson.

Zero has earned a reputation in the severe market of United States, attaining numerous awards and trophies at shows across the country, as well as TV/film credits with the Discovery Channel Program, “The Great Biker Build Off” and the movie “Iron Man” and “Iron Man 2”.

The Type 9

The Type 9’s innovative rear multi-arm suspension brings the look of a rigid frame together with modern suspension technology. Though it may be hard to imagine from its classic appearance, this unique suspension system is more compact and efficient than most swing-arm suspensions, allowing for lossless traction and a smooth ride even under a heavy load. The Type 9 does not sacrifice vintage style for excessive accessories and brings polished traction performance and highspeed stability.

The twin cam 1450cc specializes in high-speed touring.
In recent years, there has been a constant quest for more power and performance, and this truly modern HD engine is a direct response. Available in up to 110 cubic inches, the Harley Davidson Twin Cam series of engines delivers reliable performance with larger displacements, allowing for effortless riding even at higher speeds and longer distances.

A quality, high-rigidity frame is essential to show off the Type 9’s high performance suspension.
For most other motorcycles, a rigid frame actively uses its own flexibility to achieve a comfortable ride in conjunction with the suspension system, but too much flexibility can lead to the suspension system failing to operate in the way it was designed. In contrast, the special “Dragon Neck” frame for the Type 9i is an exclusive steel pipe gooseneck frame design which has been specially created to work in harmony with the unique multi-arm suspension system.

PLOT engineers know the rules of motorcycle design, which is why you get springer forks like this.
When it comes to springer forks, high levels of design accuracy improve how the bike grips the road when cornering and enhances braking stability dramatically. The same follows when it comes to the cycle’s overall rigidity and durability. Expertly crafted for each Zero Engineering bike, these springer forks are produced to take into account all of the machine’s specifications, such as the bike’s weight and engine output. Product quality is always the priority, as is evident by the Minebea brand bearings, the same that are trusted by top F1 teams, which are integrated into the springer forks.

The motorcycle offered

The Zero Type 9 on offer here has been part of a discerning collection of cars and motorcycles in Los Angeles. Since purchase a couple of years ago, the bike has been used very sparingly, showing only 54 miles on the odometer, and on static display in a climate-controlled environment for the most part. It is presented in excellent, almost as-new condition.

Exquisitely appointed, with an unsurpassed attention to detail, this Type 9, in a superb warm silver color with dark red seat and brass details, would make an exceptional addition to any collection or a comfortable and powerful ride.

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