2013 Ecosse Founder’s Edition Ti

2013 Ecosse Founder’s Edition Ti

2013 Ecosse Founder’s Edition Ti

In the words of Ecosse:


The unmistakable look, sound and feel of an exclusive ECOSSE machine. Thoughtfully engineered. Handcrafted by artisans. Designed for discerning enthusiasts. Each a study in contrasts: Fierce yet agile. Wicked yet refined. Aggressive with ideal ergonomics. Luxury and performance finally unite.

Over the last decade or two, boutique, upper-end, hand-built motorcycles have become increasingly popular, catering to a discerning baby boomer and “specials” lovers looking for something unique and are willing to pay serious dollars for it. This Ecosse Founder’s Edition Titanium Heretic is falls squarely in this category, as it features nothing but high-end, hand-built or carved from-billet componentry from axle to axle. The difference with Ecosse machines, however, is that they actually function superbly well when pushed hard on the street or track, and you can’t say that about too many players in this upper-shelf category. As an “anti-chopper”, which are designed for designs sake, this machine offers similar design cues but in a practical package with performance in mind. Company founder Don Atchison says it has the “heart of a hotrod in a Grand Prix-level chassis with the style of a ‘60s Italian muscle car”.

Atchison, who built this bike as his personal ride to commemorate Ecosse’s 10-year anniversary, told Ultimate Motorcycling Magazine he wanted to set it up as a “no holds barred, ready to rocket, serious [machine] – no noise restrictions, no turn signals, no mirrors.” As such, this machine has a “race” designation on its alloy and anodized VIN plate on the head tube, which makes it a pretty special scoot.

Powered by an S&S 2100cc 45-degree air-cooled v-twin, horsepower is quoted at 118 at the rear wheel, but it’s the engine’s prodigious torque – about 145lb-ft, according to Ecosse – that threatens to alter the earth’s rotational axis whenever the throttle it pinned. The Wisconsin-built S&S motor uses electronic fuel injection, a six-speed transmission, the tig-welded and polished titanium chassis with high-dollar Ohlins TTX suspension front and rear to keep the carbon-fiber wheels in control and ISR custom radial brakes front and rear to help the package stick to the pavement. The multi-piece swingarm is an absolute work of art, and a hand-made titanium exhaust system reminds everyone that the Biggest Dog Going is in town.

As Ultimate Motorcycling wrote: “We can see why people are prepared to pay the asking price for an Ecosse Founder’s Edition. It is quite unlike anything else out there and delivers a fully unique experience.” By the ultra-serious look of this thing, the so-precious parts bolted to it, and the dyno numbers its recorded, it’s pretty clear that “unique experience” is quite possibly the grandest understatement going.

The motorcycle offered

Offered in exquisite condition, the 2013 Ecosse Founder’s Edition Ti shows only 2,000 miles on the MotoGadget speedometer. Meticulously kept and maintained as part of a very discerning collection of cars and motorcycles, the bike appears nearly new.

It runs well. Perfectly well. It is fast. Very fast. And has enough torque to tear down a building. In perfect tune, with excellent braking, suspension and perfectly operational electrical systems, the bike has had turn signals added for legality as one of the ultimate road-going machines.

This is an incredible opportunity to acquire an ultra-rare piece of irreplaceable modern classic motorcycling with unsurpassed condition and provenance.