2012 Honda CBR250R

From Ultimate Motorcycling Magazine:

“Since its stateside debut in 2011, the Honda CBR250R immediately became competitive in the entry-level sportbike class. The CBR250R is now the only major competitor to the Kawasaki Ninja 250, which until last year was the only bike in the class since its introduction stateside in 1986.

The Honda CBR250R features an “extremely efficient 249cc liquid-cooled single-cylinder engine featuring a sophisticated four-valve DOHC cylinder head, engine counterbalancer, and PGM-FI fuel injection, plus the option of ABS and more.”

Regarding suspension, the lightweight Honda CBR250R features a diamond twin-spar steel frame plus a 37mm front fork and Pro-Link single-shock rear suspension, which provide impressive handling and a comfortable ride.

The machine gets 77 mpg, which allows over 200-miles to a tank of gas and will be kind to the wallet.”

The CBR on offer here comes with an unusually complete history. Purchased brand new by a southern California collector, Guy Webster, known well for his definitive collection of super-rare small capacity Italian “Giro” bike of the 1950s. In his care, the bike was treated to an aftermarket Yoshimura exhaust and covered a mere 125 miles. After a few years, the bike passed to neighbor and collector, Mike Taggart, known for his fantastic and varied collection of vintage cars and motorcycles. “Tag” was not a rider, so the bike remained in his care, unused, in his private museum. In May 2020, the bike was liberated and finally set free to the world in the hands of an enthusiast. Upon delivery, the bike was serviced and checked through with a change of fluids, new battery and various adjustments. Then a rigorous 2-month run-in program of short rides to keep the bike from overheating, with limited revs, increasing gently by 500-1000rpm every 200 miles, until a little over 1,000 miles was indicated on the odometer.

Now, exceptionally well-maintained, the bike is offered in excellent mechanical condition, showing 6,451 miles. The 250cc single starts easily, idles perfectly and has good responsive power. Brakes are exceptionally good for the size of machine, suspension is firm, but comfortable and all electrical systems work as they should.

Cosmetically, the bike is also in excellent condition, with only minor blemishes, conducive with mileage. One scuff on the upper panel is from a zero-mph parking lot drop.

This is a great bike. An excellent, capable economical commuter or lightweight canyon carver.