2002 BMW R1150RT

2002 BMW R1150RT

Motorcycle News ran a review of the R1150RT, published in 2006. It read:

Overall rating: 4/5

The BMW R1150RT has all the comfort needed to blitz Europe – and it handles too. Proof that a motorcycle can take you a pillion and plenty of luggage to those Alpine passes can be fun once you get there. The R1150RT is lighter than most full tourers of the time and superbly built too – but it’s no rocket in a straight line.

Ride Quality: 5/5

The BMW R1150RT’s light weight plus well engineered chassis = great handling. It’s all the more surprising as the R1150RT looks about as sporty as a brieze block. Dry weight is just 255kg – light for a full tourer. Many sources quote wet weight which makes the motorcycle sound heavy. Servo-assisted, linked, anti-lock brakes are excellent.

Engine: 4/5

The BMW R1150RT’s ‘Boxer’ opposed flat twin traces its heritage back to the 50s or even 20s with few major changes. It’s torquey at low rev and produces modest power higher up the tacho. It’s more than adequate – up to about 100mph when other tourers will clear off. Some surging on a steady throttle.

Reliability & build quality: 5/5

The BMW R1150RT has a solid construction which includes building in some resistance to salty roads. Brakes in particular resist weather better than most rivals. Plenty of bikes rack up huge mileages – 100,000 plus without major problems. The odd electrical niggle and small areas of corrosion are not unheard of.

Equipment: 5/5

The BMW R1150RT delivers superb comfort for one or two – seat and bars are adjustable at a standstill, the screen can be moved on the move with a touch of a button. Panniers are included and work pretty well. Loads of extras are available including BMWs superb heated grips.

The motorbike offered

The 2002 BMW R1150RT on offer here, hails from a New Mexico ex-aircraft mechanic and motorcycle enthusiast. Recently serviced and in excellent mechanical condition, this lovely presented bike is ready for a tour of the country. Fly into New Mexico and ride it home?