1999 BMW R1100S

1999 BMW R1100S

25 years after the introduction of their sporting, and championship winning R90S, BMW introduced the R1100S. Adorned with sportbike accoutrements like clip-on handlebars, a cowl over the pillion seat as a seat-hump, sexy exhausts exiting under the seat á la Ducati 916, and rearset footpegs, the 100bhp tourer turned crotch-rocket.

The engine is standard BMW flat, or ‘boxer’ twin in “oilhead” configuration, or air-cooled cylinders with oil-cooled heads. Derived from the BMW R1100RS, the 1,085cc fuel-injected 8-valve engine is tuned for a maximum output of 98 horsepower at 8,400rpm, 8 more than the RS.  At the time of its introduction, it was BMW’s most powerful boxer engine ever made, and the first mated to a six-speed transmission. The ohv engine has chain-driven camshafts mounted in the cylinder heads, operating the valves via short pushrods and rocker arms.

In addition to using the engine as a stressed member, the R1100S has a composite aluminum frame to which the suspension components are attached. The front suspension is BMW’s Telelever, with its pivoting wishbone and monoshock.  The R1100S has a very substantial half fairing which completely envelops the alloy fuel tank, while the front fender is made of carbon-fiber.

The motorbike offered

The 1999 BMW R1100S on offer here comes to us from the deceased estate of a former dealer and collector. In excellent condition throughout, the bike presents well in excellent black livery. It features a Corbin seat with rear cowl storage (the original seat is included in the sale) and a Remus exhaust, which adds noticeable power and a fantastic noise. Complete with the original BMW luggage, this sport-tourer is a blast to ride, fast and fun.

Fresh from re-commissioning, including a new battery and fuel pump, the bike runs well, starting easily, idling smoothly, and shifting through all gears faultlessly. All cycle parts work perfectly, as do all electrical systems. Now with only 10,000 miles on the odometer, the bike is ready to tour the globe or thrash through the canyons.