1985 Ferrari Testarossa “Monospecchio, Monodado”

1985 Ferrari Testarossa

Introduced in 1984, the flagship model of the Ferrari range, the Testarossa, was an updated model to the 512BBi and 365BBi before it. At its heart, it retained the predecessor’s 5.0 liter 4-valve flat 12-cylinder engine, mid-mounted and boasting 380bhp at 6,300 rpm. It would propel the car to a top speed of 180mph. As Motor magazine put it, ‘There are fast cars and fast cars. None of them comes close to the 180mph Ferrari Testarossa: it is firmly in that top echelon of high-performance cars for which perhaps only two or three rivals qualify. The Testarossa is so excitingly fast you can relive the moments of spine-tingling acceleration from the mere mention of the revered name.’

With competition as fierce as the Countach from Lamborghini, the new car had to have presence. Designed by Pininfarina, the car was just a subtle update until the eye is drawn to the striking and immediately recognizable side strakes, designed to draw air to the engine bay. Low and wide gave it a low coefficient of drag and great downforce regardless of the lack of extraneous spoilers. Lighter than the preceding model added to the car’s pace and handling characteristics. The interior is a well-appointed and comfortable place to be, well-equipped with air conditioning, electrically adjustable seats, tilting steering wheel and plentiful leather.

The Testarossa’s great advantage was in the drivability of the car. Light and easy clutch and shifting, good visibility and ergonomics made the car a delight to drive even in city traffic, and an exhilarating and rewarding experience when the roads open up and get twisty.

The motorcar offered

The 1985 Ferrari Testarossa on offer here comes from a Southern California enthusiast with a small collection of motorcycles and cars. Purchased in 2016 with 63,731 miles, the car has been used almost negligibly in the 8 years of ownership – the odometer now reads 64,757 miles. A rare “Monospecchio Monodado” example, also known as “Single Mirror, Single Nut,” which refers to specific unique features this version of the model had:

The “Monospecchio” or “Single Mirror” attribute refers to a single, high-mounted ‘flying’ wing mirror on the driver’s side. This mirror was removed early in its life for the more user-friendly regular mirrors, but the original mounting points can be seen on the driver’s A-pillar.

The “Monodado” or “Single Nut” pertains to the center-lock wheel system used on this model, where each wheel is secured with a single large nut rather than the more traditional multiple-lug-nut configuration.

The car has been meticulously maintained regardless of cost. Numerous trips to Fast Cars of Newport Beach for service and repair have resulted in a car that is an utterly superb driving TR. The car is accompanied by a substantial service file, summarized here:

4/7/23 Fast Cars, Redondo Beach. Gearbox oil leak repair. Ignition and door lock repair. $11,465.51

1/26/23 Fast Cars, Redondo Beach. Water pump repair. $5,864.12

11/21/2022 Fast Cars, Redondo Beach. Install CIS units, clean and install manifolds, service. $4,797.59

8/24/2022 Fast Cars, Redondo Beach. CIS and Fuel distributor units rebuilt. $4,578.01

7/21/2022 Fast Cars, Redondo Beach. ECU wiring  and injection service. $2,205.96

1/4/2022 Fast Cars, Redondo Beach. Repair to some wiring. Front seats reupholstered.

8/2/2021, Fast Cars, Redondo Beach. Rebuild alternator, new alternator belt and other belts replaced. Crank angle sensor replaced. $5,334,13

7/25/2019, Fast Cars, Redondo Beach.  Major service, new clutch, suspension bushings, brake overhaul including master cylinder, fog light repair, front hood shock. Fix all leaks, O2 sensors, replaced coolant hoses, new tires, new catalytic converters, repair AC. Interior refurbishment with new carpets, etc. $55,572.67


This TR is truly about the best I have driven (and I have driven many). It starts easily, idles smoothly and has great, responsive power with a fantastically strong engine note. It shifts perfectly through all gears with a lovely light clutch. The  suspension is taut and confidence-inspiring with no erroneous noises or squeaks and with nice confident brake action, pulling the car up in perfect balance. It is a true joy to drive, one that needs to be experienced to be truly appreciated, and not remotely the hard work of a lot of classic Ferraris. It is a blast on open country lanes with a perfect musical accompaniment. Not a car to disappoint and worthy of any collection.


Exterior details


Engine bay


Wheels & Misc.


1985 Ferrari Testarossa “Monospecchio, Monodado”

VIN:  ZFFSA17AXF0058265

Location: Marina Del Rey, California