1976 Bultaco 250cc Frontera

1976 Bultaco 250cc Frontera

The foundation of Bultaco came about by the resignation of Francisco Xavier Bulto from Montesa, a company he had co-founded with Pedro Permanyer in 1945. The Montesa board wanted to withdraw from racing; Bulto disagreed and left in 1958, taking most of the racing department with him to set up a new company – Bultaco. By the spring of 1959 the fledgling concern’s first machine – the Tralla 101, a 125cc two-stroke – was ready for production. Given the circumstances of Bultaco’s birth, it should have surprised no one that the company began racing soon afterwards, successfully entering a team in the roadster class at the 1959 Spanish Grand Prix. Trials and moto-cross models followed in the mid-1960s, the first Pursang scrambler appearing at the start of the 1965 season.

Like most manufacturers, they built the Pursang for motocrossers and the Matador for Enduros. The Matador became the Frontera when they combined the best features of the Matador with the strongest features of the Pursang.

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The motorbike offered

This 1976 Bultaco Frontera is powered by a 244cc two-stroke single paired with a five-speed transmission and is finished in red with yellow accents. Equipment includes trail lighting, a black vinyl-upholstered bench seat, Akront alloy rims, aluminum fenders, and both side and center stands. It was purchased in 2013 from a Utah collector in the fully restored condition viewed today, and having run the machine it has since remained on static display. As such it will need the usual recommissioning before returning to the classic enduro circuit.