1976 Benelli 500 Quattro

1976 Benelli 500cc Quattro

In 1971, Benelli was in financial woes. Seeing an opportunity, Alejandro de Tomaso, producer of the Pantera supercar, bought the firm. He also bought Moto Guzzi the following year. He revamped Benelli’s image by introducing a range of new six- and four-cylinder sports bikes. Inspired by Honda, was the 500 Quattro of 1974, boasting a 5-speed gearbox, rigid cradle frame, powerful Grimeca drum brakes and alloy wheel rims.

The motorbike offered

Displaying 50,000 kms, or around 31,000 miles, the Benelli offered here, is in overall good condition, retaining its original, factory paint. Having been on static display for several years, it will need the usual recommissioning to return to regular road use.