1974 Rickman Honda CR750

Winning Bid: $15,000.00

Frame no. 4297G

Location: Ventura, California


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1974 Rickman Honda CR750

British brothers Don and Derek Rickman were motocross champions and great innovators in the world of motorcycling. Their excellent-handling Metisse scrambler frames, designed to fit a multitude of powerplants, would outshine factory efforts in the 1960s. Crafted from Reynolds 531 tubing, the frames were artfully welded and strikingly nickel-plated; weight was saved by using the frame as the principal oil reservoir, offering the added benefit of all that exposed surface area to keep the lubricant cool. An up-and-coming desert racer by the name of Steve McQueen was a fan: “A revolutionary piece of equipment that does away with the oil tank,” he said of his Triumph 650 Rickman. “The rig is the best handling bike I’ve ever owned.”

Looking to expand their business, it was natural that the brothers turn their attention to road racing frames for street or track use. The CR, or Club Racer, frame followed the same mantra of the hugely successful scrambler frames, the beautifully presented nickel-plated frames were stiff and light. By the mid-1970s, Rickman’s chassis kits were considered to be the hot set-up for both road and track when fitted with either Honda or Kawasaki engines.

The motorcycle offered

The 1974 Rickman Honda CR750 on offer here, has been in a NorCal collection since acquisition in 2009. Purchased as a fully restored motorcycle, in fine running order, it was deemed to not be quite up to par. An alloy gas tank was purchased from Rickman and taken, with the rest of the bodywork to an automotive restoration shop to be painted in the standard orange you see here, with the gorgeous striping across the top of the tank.

Fresh from service to ready the bike for sale, it can be seen in the cold-start video to start easily and perform impeccably with great power. All cycle parts systems work perfectly, including all electrical. And it sounds fantastic!

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