1974 Husqvarna CR250 MAG

1974 Husqvarna CR250 MAG

The British domination of America’s vast playground of off-road adventure was marred when the Japanese got involved with Yamaha, but perhaps more than any other models, it was the agile, lightweight two-strokes from Husqvarna that took over the market in scrambles and desert racing. In the late 1960s and ’70s the Swedish company would win 14 world motocross championships, countless medals in ISDT and enduro competition, and 11 Baja 1000 victories, three of the latter coming on Huskies ridden by Malcolm Smith. Unheard of on this side of the Atlantic when the Sixties began, Husqvarna’s series of two-stroke machines – first a 250, then a 360 that grew to 400cc – featured breathtakingly lusty single-cylinder engines suspended in lightweight steel frames. Painted steel gas tanks with the brand’s signature chromed panels, intended prevent a rider’s knees from marring the paint was the signature of the “look”.

The motorcycle offered

1974 Husqvarna CR250 MAG on offer here was purchased in 2012 by our vendor, a collector of off-roaders of the 1960s and 70s. The bike was restored by Mayer Brothers of Tucson, AZ from the ground up, who bought the bike with a plethora of NOS parts still sealed in factory packaging. The company’s list of refurbishments is as follows:

Bare frame rebuild.
Engine rebuilt with new top end, overbored with new piston, etc.
Steel CR tank professionally painted base coat/clear coat
Decals clear coated for protection
Original chrome sides
Handpainted striping
Factory Akront lipped rims, polished and re-laced with NOS Husqvarna spokes. New tires
Seat foam replaced and a new cover
Correct 1974 forks: new seals and boots
Reed box rebuilt with NOS kit
Bing carb rebuilt
Maguire controls

New parts used in restoration:
Crank bearings
Michelin Tires
Air Filter
Engine seals and gaskets
Seat foam
Barnett Clutches
Fork seals
Kick & shift rubber
Chain & rear sprocket

NOS Parts:
Piston, pin, clips, poppy ring, sleeve and pin bearing
Motoplat Ignition
Reed Kit
Husky Mag Air Filter Cover
Grey throttle cable
Lever Covers
Front and rear axle, bearings, spacers
Spokes & nipples
Swing arm pivot bolts
Fork boots
Bing carb parts
Tank strap
Shift lever and shaft
Engine hardware
Number plate holder
Fork Caps
Wheel bearings
Brake shoes
Kill switch
Rear brake arm, rod, and pedal
A plethora of fasteners

Scored 93 points at El Camino Vintage Motorcycle Rally in 2012

Walkaround video when purchased in 2012