1973 Yamaha 175cc CT3

1973 Yamaha 175cc CT3

The US is a massive playground for the off-road-riding motorcyclist, and that market was exploited first by the Europeans and then the Japanese. Yamaha were early to the market in the 1960s with a range of 2-stroke singles in trail, scrambler and full motocross guise.

In the late 1960s, the CT was introduced, first as the CT1, then CT2 and then finally as the CT3 of 1973. A 175cc single cylinder 2-stroke, the capable off-roader came equipped with lights, indicators and a luggage rack and came in fantastic 1970s colors.

The motorcycle offered

The 1973 Yamaha 175cc CT3 offered here hails from a substantial private collection of small displacement off-road machines. In fully restored condition, the bike has been on static display since purchase a couple of years ago from a private collector in Iowa, who purchased the bike from the original owner in Wyoming. The bike is to be sold with a buddy seat and extra parts.

1973 Yamaha 175cc CT3

Engine no. CT1-130986
Frame no. CT1-130986

Location: Glendale, California

  • Fully restored
  • Additional parts included