1973 Penton 175cc Jackpiner

1973 Penton 175cc Jackpiner

In 1958 John Penton took a year off his Amherst, Ohio farm following a personal tragedy, leading him to pursue his motorcycling passion. He won the Jack Pine and the Corduroy off road on a NSU 125, crossed Mexico on a BMW R69 and then set the New York to California time record on the Beemer (52 hours). He joined his brother’s motorcycle dealership selling Honda and Yamaha and became the importer of British Wassells, modifying therm into his own creations and rebadging them Pentons.

Then in 1967 John became the East Coast importer for Husqvarna. Penton pressed Husky for a smaller, lighter competition motorcycle and Husky said no. John rode the 6-day trials (in Poland that year) in 1967 and took a side trip to a moped maker in Austria (KTM) and commissioned a prototype off road racer.

Introduced at the Stone Mountain in 1968 the 125CC Penton was on its way. Penton sold 400 units that year and ordered 1000 for 1969. KTM marketed the same motorcycle in Europe as the GS or MC 125. The rest is history. By the time this 1973 Penton hit the market the bikes all had KTM badging on them.

The 1973 Penton Jackpiner 175 used a 171cc air-cooled two-stroke motor that made a brutal 26bhp with a dry weight of 226lbs. Ceriani front forks with a 21” Akront wheel, Girling rear shocks with an 18” Akront, a double loop tubular chrome moly frame, and 9.5 inches of clearance made this a formidable package.

The motorbike offered

This second-year, highly desirable, best in class variant for Experts only, 1973 Penton 175cc Jackpiner on offer here is in very good, original and unrestored  condition, the first model to feature the KTM powerplant, rebuilt by Chicago Jerry. Unused since, it was placed on static display in a private collection for past several years. As such, the bike will need re-commissioning before returning to off-road use.

Sold on a bill of sale.