1970 BMW 745cc R75/5

1970 BMW 745cc R75/5

The low-slung diminutive BMW range of the 1950s and ‘60s with Earles fork set up made way for the more substantial models of the 1970s, arriving in 1969. The familiar flat twin was revised with a one-piece forged crankshaft and aluminum cylinder barrels while carrying its camshaft below the crank. It was housed in a lightweight duplex frame and sported a telescopic, leading-axle front fork, as first seen on the company’s ISDT machines. They featured coil ignition and 12-volt electrics. The new ‘/5’ models were essentially identical in all but engine capacity.

The 745cc R75/5 produced a claimed 49bhp which was good enough to propel the 419lbs machine to a top speed of 110mph.

The motorbike offered

The 1970 BMW R75/5 offered here has known history of the last decade or so. Purchased in essentially the cosmetic condition offered, this nice, original bike became part of a small, but discerning BMW collection.  The owner was a classical music composer by trade, but an engineer and avid tinkerer and collector for fun. The bike had been sitting for some time and in need of a mechanical re-commissioning, and so it returned to road alongside an R90S and R69S. When that custodian fell ill a few years ago, the collection was put up for sale. The R75/5 found new ownership in a northern Californian restorer, who further developed the bike. He added Clubman handlebars and low mirrors and installed new period correct tires. Recently, to ready the bike for sale again, he replaced all fluids including forks and differential and had the carbs tuned by an Airhead guru. He found a few more horsepower and made the bike absolutely purr. Now, to make way for other bikes from the list we all have, the bike is being offered for sale again. In fine riding condition, the bike offers a great classic feel with all the reliability and amenities of a BMW.

1970 BMW 745cc R75/5

Frame no. 2970299
Engine no. 2970299

Location: Ventura, California