1961 Triumph 650cc T110 Tiger

1961 Triumph 650cc Tiger T110

Apart from Steve McQueen associations, just about the best-known Triumph story is that of the Bonneville owing its name to a record-breaking success on the salt flats of the same name, but few enthusiasts know that a 650cc T110 armed with a pair of carburetors set a production record of 147mph!

Developed from the touring Thunderbird, the sporting Tiger was the first Triumph to feature a swingarm and had a 650cc twin-cylinder powerplant with a stronger crankshaft, high-compression pistons, larger inlet valves and more aggressive cams. Launched on the success of the 1953 ISDT, the model remained in production until 1961 when succeeded by the TR6.

The motorbike offered

The Triumph 650cc Tiger T110 offered from the final year of production has been owned for several years by a Southern California collector. He purchased it from a very accomplished restorer and collector in his own right, having been through a ground-up restoration. The engine and gearbox were fully rebuilt by marque expert, Deal Collinson and hangs in a powder-coated frame. At either end are wheels rebuilt at Buchanans with rebuilt brakes and hang from rebuilt forks at the front and new shocks at the back. A new wiring harness was installed, and all bodywork was expertly restored and repainted in a striking metallic blue.

As the last year of the T110, the bike was produced without the “bathtub” bodywork aimed at the more sporting US market yet retains the headlight/instrument nacelle and touring front fender, making it a collectable rarity these days.