1960 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint Project

1960 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint

Production at Alfa Romeo was kickstarted after World War II with a couple of new models, the 1900 of 1950 followed by the Giulietta in 1954. The Giulietta Sprint coupe, penned by Bertone’s Orazio Satta Puliga, helped establish Alfa Romeo as a manufacturing force in the small car with big performance market. The unibody was powered by a light alloy, twin cam four of 1,290 cc, it was capable of 102 mph in basic form, and 110mph in the more powerful Sprint Veloce iteration, introduced in 1956.

The Giulietta’s arrival caused a sensation; demand outstripping supply at first. The original ‘750’ Sprint Coupé was soon joined by Berlina sedan and Spider convertible versions, and then in 1957 by the first of the new 101-Series cars. A revvy engine, fine-handling, responsive chassis and excellent brakes make the Giulietta Sprint a driver’s car par excellence and explains why these stylish Alfas continue to attract the discerning enthusiast.

The motorcar offered

The 1960 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint coupé on offer here is certainly the “before picture”. Mostly complete, the car has a 130cc engine from a c.1957 Alfa Giulietta Spider installed and was delivered as you see it here. All the parts included in the sale have been photographed and shown below. This is a blank canvas for the new owner to build a 100 point restoration, or a Rallye car with bigger engine, disc brakes, etc.

Sold on a clean, clear title.


1960 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint Project

Chassis no. AR 1493*07271
Engine no.  AR1315*42670