1953 Willys CJ3A Jeep

Chassis no. 40345

  • Three speed manual transmission with overdrive
  • 134ci L-head Willys inline four-cylinder engine
  • 60bhp at 4,000rpm
  • Four-wheel telescopic hydraulic suspension with semi-elliptical leaf springs




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In the early 1940s the American Military suddenly found themselves in need of a rugged, 4-wheel drive car-as such, capable of traversing all kinds of terrain with upmost reliability and simple, ease of maintenance. American Bantam answered the call with the original Jeep design, but with production concerns, the contract was awarded to Willys and Ford. With a few modifications, the Jeep proved to be a massive success in all theaters of World War II and on to the numerous other hostilities that followed. Also built as a civilian specification, go-anywhere vehicle, the Jeep saw great success in the homeland.

The Jeep on offer here comes from a reformed motorcycle collector, looking for something else to tinker with. A civilian model CJ3A, it was refurbished to a military look, with army green “driveway” paint job, seat covers, etc., but has been subject to a comprehensive mechanical overhaul. The gearbox was rebuilt, along with the top end of the engine. Suspension was inspected and rebuilt as necessary, along with a full brake-job. All electrical systems work as they should. The body is generally straight with a little rust in the frame (pictured).

The Jeep is a blast! It has great peppy power and shifts perfectly through the 3-speed manual ‘box. It keeps up with modern traffic well, and with the highly coveted overdrive added, will cruise the slower lanes of a freeway. The Jeep is accompanied by several small boxes of spares, a roll cage and a rear seat frame.

These Jeeps are fantastic fun and garner a lot of attention wherever they go. This example is ready for summer fun, wherever that may take you.



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