1950 Moto Guzzi 498cc Superalce

Introduced in the late 1930s, the Alce (elk) would serve as the Italian Army’s main military motorcycle during WW2, in excess of 6,000 being delivered up to 1943. Post-war the Alce was updated with the more powerful overhead-valve engine of the GTV/GTW in single-port configuration, becoming the Superalce. It featured a sturdy 500cc pushrod engine, producing 18bhp, running through a 4-speed gearbox, making a very reliable and capable machine. It remained in service with the Italian Police and Army in Italy and northern Africa up to 1957.

This Superalce was restored some years ago to civilian specification, in obligatory Italian red livery. UK’s Atlantic Motorcycles ensured that the restoration was on a complete and original machine before exporting to the US, according to accompanying documentation. In excellent condition throughout, the bike has been a centerpiece of a substantial and discerning private California collection, fresh from service to ensure a rewarding riding experience for the next custodian.

Sold on a California title.