1950 Monet-Goyon 175cc

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Location:  Ventura, California

Item condition: Used

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1950 Monet-Goyon 100cc

Monet & Goyon was formed on April 2, 1917, by Joseph Monet (engineer) and Adrien Goyon with the release of their first product named the Vélocimane. This was soon followed by their first engine, the “Autowheel” or “Auto-roue”, manufactured under licence from the English firm Wall. The firm’s aim was to supply mobility to those in need at an affordable price. The engine was used to power their Automouche tricycles, and the Vélauto.

In 1922, Monet & Goyon began building Villiers engines under license and this engine was fitted to all existing models. Two years later their first sports machine was presented, the 175cc “ZS”. This was followed by the 1925 “Brooklands TT”. The bright red machine proceeded to sweep all before it in competition winning numerous laurels in France and taking 20 world records.

The Villiers-powered “ZS” continued to shine, and these models, along with a variety of others, were also offered under the KE brand. New racing models were introduced with Rudge Python 500cc engines.

Monet-Goyon closed its doors in 1959.

The motorbike offered

The 1950 Monet-Goyon 100cc on offer here is offered from a private collection of quirky, small displacement machines. Complete, but in need of extensive recommissioning if not restoration, the bike offers a great opportunity for a fun Winter project.

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