1929 Terrot HST Sidevalve

Engine no. 100871
Frame no. 74205




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It’s a familiar story: bicycle manufacturers in the late 19th century adding internal combustion engines to their machines and the motorcycle industry was born. Variations on the theme included quadicycles, and voiturettes, but the core concept was consistent. Charles Terrot followed this same path from his factory in Dijon, the powered creations initially using proprietary engines, until selling the company to entrepreneur, Alfred Turpillot. Turpillot had engine design brought in-house by the mid-1920s, spread across two different brands, after his acquisition of Magnat-Debon.

The Terrot HST offered here, with 350cc sidevalve power is offered in remarkably unrestored condition. It has been part of a discerning collection of cars and motorcycles in the Los Angeles area. Since purchase a couple of years ago, the bike has been on static display in a climate-controlled environment. Complete electrical equipment and pillion seat make this lovely French machine a very practical vintage tourer, robust and reliable.



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