100 point restored, 1956 Lincoln Continental Mk II

1956 Lincoln Continental Mk II

Post-World War II luxury car production, especially the mile-crunching continental tourer, took off with a vengeance with staggeringly beautiful offerings from Rolls-Royce, Bentley, Mercedes-Benz and Cadillac. But one of the most stylish, understated designs came from Lincoln with the Mark II.

A design team headed by Henry Ford’s grandson, William Clay “Bill” Ford with chief designer John Reinhart set out to produce a premium luxury 2-door coupé. With a 6’ hood and short passenger area and trunk, the sleek and clean design was a great competitor to Cadillac’s much more flamboyant Brougham. At the rear was a nod to the Continental kit spare wheel arrangement that made the Lincoln famous.

Powered by a 180bhp 386ci V8, the 5,000lb car was a capable touring machine. But with a low, 56” roof height and a Harley Copp-designed double drop “cow-belly” frame, the car offered very capable handling for the time.

The Continental Mark II was hand-assembled in its own plant, in Wixom, Michigan, which alone cost of $25 million. The hand-built engine was designed for smoothness of power, and each was tested on a dyno for six hours before installation. To complete a Mark II took four times more labor costs than required to assemble a contemporary Lincoln. Regardless of the approximate $10,000 price tag, it is no wonder that Ford Motor Co. reportedly lost $1,000 on each one they built.

The model was debuted at the Paris Auto Show in 1955, with the first cars being delivered in 1956. Full power appointments were standard – the only option was air conditioning. Nineteen exterior colors and 43 interior combinations were available, all of them at no extra cost. Total production for the 1956-1957 Continental Mark II series was 4,660.

The motorcar offered

The 1955 Lincoln Continental on offer here has been owned for several years by a noted car and motorcycle collector in Colorado. Originally owned by Jerry Capezzi, whose father was chief counsel for Henry Ford I. The car was purchased as a show-winning 98-point example with numerous Lincoln Owners Club concours trophies (pictured), but our meticulous and seasoned concours-winning owner, took the car to the next and final level of show car. It was recently judged 100-points by 3 judges at the Lincoln National Owners Club Show in Springfield, Illinois in September 2023.

Beautifully presented in a creamy beige with coffee and cream interior, the meticulous attention to detail extends to the cad-plated fasteners and the correct battery. The exquisite cosmetics belie the equally rewarding drive. In superb mechanical condition throughout, the car needs nothing to offer its new owner the most gratifying concours or driving event experience.

This video was shot at the Lincoln National Owners Clubs Show, Springfield, Illinois, September 2023 where it achieved 100 points.

100 point restored, 1956 Lincoln Continental Mk II