Ex-Steve McQueen 1967 Husqvarna Commando

Ex-Steve McQueen

1967 Husqvarna 250 Commando

  • From the Zimmerman Brothers Collection
  • Owned and registered to Steve McQueen, personally 
  • Believed to be the first Husqvarna owned by Steve McQueen
  • Never registered to Solar Productions
  • Intended for his 1968 Polish ISDT entry
  • Unrestored, as raced condition by McQueen
  • Substantial provenance and documentation

Presented in its original state, this 1967 Husqvarna 250 Commando was the first Husky that Steve McQueen ever purchased, and as such, was registered to him personally. This is very rare McQueen machine indeed, as most of McQueen’s cars and motorcycle were purchased and registered through his production company, Solar Productions. This Husqvarna has significant provenance including original transaction records, Manufacturers Statement of Origin (MSO), title and sales documents.

As McQueen once said, “It’s definite. You beat a guy and you’re better than he is; he beats you, he’s a better man than you are.” As he studied acting, McQueen competed in weekend races, eventually using his winnings to purchase his first bike. McQueen left an imprint as one of Hollywood’s leading men, an imprint that surely won’t be forgotten; his balance between masculinity and sensitivity made him both a man’s man and a ladies’ man all at once. Highly respected and admired for his roles in films such as “Bullitt,” “The Great Escape,” “The Thomas Crown Affair” and “Papillion,” his roles have been often imitated, yet never repeated. An actor, race-car driver and father, McQueen was the epitome of the American dream, rising from hardscrabble circumstances to become one of the most famous movie stars in the world.

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