About us

We at Classic Avenue are fundamentally enthusiasts with a deep passion for and knowledge of the collectable car and motorcycle market. With many years of professional experience, we offer a full complement of services to aid in the sale of your vehicle to a global audience. We started, as most, with toy cars sprawled over the floor of our parents’ living rooms and motorcycles stashed at friend’s houses, but eventually, the toys became bigger and quite a lot more expensive.

Now, from our extensive experience with all aspects of the hobby, including racing, touring, journalism, sales and auctions of the very finest vehicles on 2 or 4 wheels (or 3!), we can offer our clients a global marketing reach substantiated by a wealth of knowledge, research and resources.


Photos throughout the site are from dear friend and ace photog, Evan Klein



Schumacher Cargo Logistics offer excellent specialist service at competitive rates for all U.S. domestic and international shipping of your car of motorcycle.

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In the UK and for Europe, we recommend Shippio Car & Motorcycle Shipping for International Car and Motorcycle transportation by air, sea and road. 

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