2011 Kawasaki KLR650 Dual Sport

2011 Kawasaki KLR650 Dual Sport


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For the adventurer whose sense of fun includes a jaunt into the dirt or an expedition deep into the woods, Kawasaki has a touring motorcycle that opens up that world to limitless possibilities.

The Japanese motorcycle brand recently unveiled their touring bike, the KLR 650. Built to handle just about every imaginable terrain save for the Moon’s surface, the KLR 650 is the kind of bike you’d want to take just about everywhere. It’s got looks that’ll make people stand up and take notice; it’s got an engine that’s both powerful and fuel efficient; and on top of that, it won’t cost prospective buyers a fortune.

It’s a package that riders have flocked to; the KLR650 has been the best-selling dual-sport six years in a row.

On offer here is a 2011 KLR with ideal provenance. A one-owner machine, the bike was bought in Florida, ridden across country over the course of a couple of weeks, parked in the owner’s new garage and left there. The odometer reads just over the 2,800 miles of the trip.

Liberated from storage, the bike was given a full re-commissioning, flushing and replacing all fluids, a full cleanse of the gas tank, rebuild of the carb and a full service, including brake overhaul and some attention to the suspension. Now, in great riding condition, the bike is ready to embark on a haul back across the country or just down the road for coffee.

The bike comes with its full tool kit and books, pictured below, as well as original sales paperwork. Having lost the original title, the bike is sold on lien documents, which as as easy to transfer to the new owner in any state.

Asking $4,500

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