1966 Norton 750cc Atlas

1966 Norton 750cc Atlas

Frame no. 20 115827
Engine no.  20/115827/P

A somewhat soft release of Norton’s next generation parallel twin came in the early 1960s with the 750SS, but by 1962, it became known as the Atlas. It was essentially a bored-out Bert Hopwood-designed 650SS to 745cc, still housed in the great Featherbed frame with Roadholder forks, so was quite a formidable machine. 

The styling was aimed at the US market with high-rise handlebars, small 2.5-gallon petrol tank and valanced chrome mudguards and chain guard. The look was completed with a heavy-duty WM3-18 rear wheel, and a Lucas Competition magneto was supplied as standard. 

The 1966 example offered here, steeped in patina, was recently serviced to freshen it for sale. Adjustment to the spark system with a good clean and adjustment of the carb ensure the bike runs well, by a local shop.

Ride the wheels off it or use it as a good basis for restoration as you go.


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