1952 Bianchi 125cc Bianchina

1952 Bianchi 125cc Bianchina

Engine no. *150257*

As many manufacturers at the outset of the industry, Edoardo Bianchi began manufacturing bicycles in Milan in 1885, before moving into motorcycles with a motorized bicycle as early as 1897. Further diversification led to cars from 1900. By 1903 he shifted the engine to the middle of the bicycle frame and produced his first as we recognize it.

Pre-War machines were designed in 650cc V-twin configuration, enlarged to 741cc in 1920. The 1920s saw racing success with such intricate machines as a 350cc double overhead cam engine in the hands of numerous names, including the great Tazio Nuvolari. The 1930s brought further success with a 500cc single, ridden to victory by the likes of Giordano Aldrighetti, Aldo Pigarini, Terzo Bandini, and others. Just before the outbreak of war, a supercharged 4-cylinder 500cc DOHC was designed and built but was never fully developed.

After World War II Bianchi was a very active company in “getting Italians moving,  again”, producing small displacement, sturdy, but quick machines on a budget. However, racing continued into the 1960s – Bob McIntyre rode a 350cc Bianch to a World Championship victory in 1961. Manufacturing finally ceased in 1967 when the rights were sold to Innocenti.

The 1952 Bianchina offered here, hails from a very discerning collection of Italian 2, 3 and 4 wheeled machinery. The all-correct 125cc bike presents well in an older restored condition, which is holding up very well – testament to the car with which it has been stored and displayed. Reminiscent of the BSA Bantam, the bike adds Italian flair in how quickly it will hustle along, handle and in the noise it emits.

This is a lovely piece of motorcycle jewelry and would be a great addition to any collection.


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